5 Tips to be Spring Market Ready

You’ve heard of the expression “the early bird gets the worm,” right?  Well, the saying applies to the real estate market too.  Now, I realize spring officially started last week, but the market is already heating up!

Here is your to-do list to be Spring Market ready:

  1. Make Repairs & Partial Updates: You may not notice the leaky faucet or the cracked tile in the bathroom, but believe me buyers will point those issues out immediately. Take care of minor repairs (See #3 to make sure you don’t miss anything!).  Better yet, swap out a bathroom vanity with a broken door for a new one.  This inexpensive update can really have a big impact on the look of a bathroom.
  2. Start Packing: You want a new family to envision themselves living in your home.  Take down family photos and kid’s artwork. Pack up seasonal clothing.  Declutter your cabinets.  Consider getting a storage unit, especially if there is large furniture that isn’t needed in a room.  The room will look larger in photos and during showings.  Remember, moving is expensive.  Selling, donating or tossing home goods now will save you time and money when it comes time to move.
  3. Make a Punch List: In new construction, buyers do a “blue-tape” walk-through. They tear a small piece of blue tape to mark areas that still need repair.  For example, wall paint that needs a touch up would get a piece of tape.  The same technique can be done at your home.  Remove the tape as projects are completed.   
  4. Return Rooms to Original Use: The most common example is to return a spare bedroom turned office back to the original use.  I have seen homes that leave the office and they linger on the market.  Once the room is staged as a bedroom it sells.  You can always include a photograph of it as an office.
  5. Visit Nearby Open Houses: This suggestion can be a real eye-opener.  It is helpful to physically see the condition of houses that are selling vs. those that are not.  Walk through homes and get inspired to make yours stand out from the competition.

Hold off on painting or installing new flooring until closer to listing.  There is no reason to do these until then.  Why risk trekking dirt into the house and ruining brand new carpet?

Let’s chat before you get started on any of your to-do list.  I’ll make recommendations on where to focus your efforts for the greatest ROI.  Remember, the sooner you start, the easier life will be as your date approaches.  Happy prepping!

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