I get a lot of questions from potential sellers about what improvements make the most sense for resale.  Gosh, this is a loaded question because the return on your investment depends on the value of your house, the value of houses in your immediate neighborhood, the housing market and how soon you sell after making the improvements.

For each of my seller clients, I create a “Should Do” and “Could Do” list to help them evaluate what changes are worth investing in prior to listing.  As an example, I recently sold a town-house style condo that had replace carpeting and repaint walls on the “Should Do” list.  The house was under contract in 3 days with a full price offer despite others in the same community with a similar floorplan. Why? The refresh made the home photograph and show beautifully.  Buyers liked that it looked modern and would not have to make major changes in the near term.  While most projects don’t have 100% ROI, the 5 Home Improvements to Add Resale Value list is a solid place to start for attracting buyers.   PLEASE READ (I’M begging here!) only make a project DIY if you are capable of doing quality work.  Buyers are quick to point out improvements that were done poorly which end up having the opposite effect.

Kristen is a realtor who especially loves helping first time homebuyers and clients juggling selling and buying a home simultaneously. Kristen has a knack for working with sellers and buyers who have young children – they always make the process more exciting! She lives in Sterling, VA with her husband and their one year daughter, Ava. In her spare time, you will find her out and about enjoying all Sterling and neighboring communities have to offer.

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